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ONSYSTEM technic is a specialist in the field of painting process optimization. We provide solutions for the management of the various steps involved in the sanding and polishing of painted surfaces.

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High-quality equipment for all types of surfaces

Aside from patents and utility models, we also have experience in the design and implementation of modern processes and equipment for painting. We offer a variety of professional advice and support for the development of modern processes and equipment. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Aside from the automotive industry, we also support industries such as industrial coating. ONSYSTEM technic is a leading producer of high-quality polishing and sanding equipment for all types of surfaces.


Onsystem offers polishing recipes that are optimized for maximal efficency. Our latest polishing technology, Hybrid, indicates that the polish is capable of achieving maximal abrasiveness.

ONSYSTEM technic is a developer of high-quality polishing compounds for various industries. We offer a variety of recipes and have been working with clients for over 10 years. Made in Germany!

Polishing Pads

The high-density foam material of our polishing pads provides long service life and is tear-resistant. Our unique spider structure allows the pad to reduce the surface temperature while still providing a maximized force.

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