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Proflex is a manufacturer of sanding brushes for various applications. These brushes can be used in all types of machines. Made in Denmark.

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Powerful solution for an optimal surface finish

Abrasifs JJS Inc. is the exclusive importer of Pro-Flex, a Danish sanding brush manufacturer and supplier. Sanding brushes are mainly used for profiles in the wood industry and in composites as well.

They could be used in all machines and with all core drums. Therefore, if you already have a sanding brushes core, then we have the brushes that will fit in this core. Pro-Flex also produce “Use and Throw away sanding brushes”. Their lightweight are ideal for manual sanding.

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Sanding brushes

Our PRO-FLEX sanding brushes are light and are ideal for manual sanding. They can also be positioned together using our CloseUP system. They feature a unique design that allows them to be positioned as one long compact head.


The MULTI-FLEX sanding system is equipped with removable brushes. The system is made up of a plastic material known as POM, which is resistant to various chemicals.

The brushes for the system can be used with various types of core, such as the QuickWood, SlipCon, and Flex-Trim. They can also be used with other non-rotating brushes. The brushes for the multi-flex system can be used with various types of core. They can also be combined with other non-rotating brushes.

Core and Flanges

All of our cores are made from plastic material POM, which is resistant to chemicals. They are available in 6 standard sizes and can be combined with intermediate flanges to a maximum length of 650 mm.

The end flanges are available in various sizes and types. If your machine has a diameter of 120 mm or bigger, we recommend using a special flange at one end. This procedure saves time and allows you to get your machine back in working order much faster.

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