MF – Multi-Flex

PRO-FLEX sanding brushes with spindle

The MULTI-FLEX sanding brushes can be supplied with abrasive cloths of several grades, both with and without slits. For extremely reliable sanding results.

• Extremely reliable and efficiency for all types of flexible sanding
• Light PU wheel and therefore ideal for manual sanding
• Can position several sanding brushes together thanks to the CLOSEup system,
• Can be used on just about any type of machine
• MULTI-FLEX sanding system with detachable sanding brushes is also offered

• Surface sanding, profile sanding, edge sanding, wood finishes on chairs and table tops, and wax polishing.
• Can be used for shaped skirtings, kitchen doors, roller doors, and a whole range of panels that require edge-sanding.
• To eliminate unevenness, rotation grooves, loose fibre and surface marks.


Sanding Brushes & Core

Hole pattern min/max

Center Hole

Min Diameter

8'' (200 mm) / thickness2'' (50 mm)

Max Diameter

12-1/2'' (320 mm) / 4'' (100 mm)

Grit Type

Semi-friable aluminum oxide


jj-wt cloth, cotton




Resin over resin

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