Lamello Bisco P

Aligning element, suitable for the P-System groove.

  • For the flush alignment of panels, as well as for glueing, stiffening and increasing shear strength.
  • Fits into the same P-System groove as Clamex P-14, Tenso P-14 or Clamex P-10 without changing the cutter.
Bisco P is a plastic biscuit which fits into the 7 mm P-System groove and is held in the groove due to its surface structure. Bisco P is used in combination with Clamex or Tenso as a cost-effective alignment element and ensures flushness of the joint. The Bisco can also be used as a dry joint as a test before the work piece is permanently joined with Tenso P and adhesive. Bisco P-14 is used in combination with Clamex P-14 or Tenso P-14 and Bisco P-10 with the same connectors in size P-10.
See In Action:
Product Information:

Aligning The Workpieces:

The Bisco serves to align the workpieces and fits into the P-System groove without the need to change cutters.

A Complement For The Clamex P And Tenso P:

Ideal for dry connections or when it has not yet been defined whether the parts will be glued or should be detachable.

Technical Information:

Size (mm):
Bisco P- 14: 65 x 27 x 7 mm
Bisco P-10: 52 x 19 x 7 mm
Cutter: ø 100.4 x 7 x 22


Material: Plastic
Installation Tolerance:
Longitudinal: ± 2 mm
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