Lamello Divario P-18

Self-clamping, invisible connector for slide insertion.

  • Completely invisible joint for highest quality standards.
  • Joins and clamps during insertion for perfectly closed joints.
  • Insertion of shelves after transport for lower transport weight.
Divario P-18 is a detachable connector for slide-in insertion and is anchored in the form-locking P-System groove within seconds. The connector is used to slide shelves or partitions into an already assembed cabinet. In the process, the Divario P-18 clamps the workpieces together firmly and ensures perfectly closed joints without visible connectors. Divario P-18 is used for joining shelves to divisions from 18 mm panel thickness or in butt joints from 12 mm.
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Product Information:

Subsequent Insertion:

Because no part is protruding, the Divario P-18 makes it possible to insert shelves or dividing panels into already assembled furntiure.

Completely Invisible Joint:

Because of how it is inserted, the Divario P-18 is a completely invisible joint that meets the highest quality standards.

Installed In One Movement:

The integrated fixing pins secure the Divario in the P-System groove so it can’t slide sideways.

Easy Working:

The large longitudinal tolerance forgives imprecision when cutting.

P-System Anchorage:

Tool-free anchoring of connectors, without adhesive or screws.

Technical Information:

Size (mm): 75 x 25 9.7 mm
Cutter: Ø 100.4 x 7 x 22


Material Connector: Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic

Installation Tolerance:
Longitudinal: ± 1 mm

Clamping Force: ~ 150 N ≈ 15 kg / Connector


Tensile Strength: ~ 600 N ≈ 60 kg / connector
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