Lamello Invis Mx2

Magnet-driven connecting fittings.

  • Powerful mechanical connections.
  • Completely invisible.
  • Detachable within seconds.
Invis Mx2 is a unique, magnet-driven connection for the highest demands on aesthetics, stability and productivity. With no visible openings, Invis Mx2 is connected and disconnected quickly again and again, using its magnetic drive. Invis Mx2 connectors are screwed into the 12 mm drill holes in the panel. Using the MiniMag with a cordless drill, the connection closes and creates a clamping force of up to 250 kg per connector. Ideal for high gloss painted furniture, molded workpieces, stairs, etc.
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Product Information:

Powerfully Joined Workpieces:

The magnet-driven connector enables workpieces to be connected with up to 250 kg of clamping force.

Detachable In Seconds:

Assembled pieces of furniture can be very quickly detached by reversing the rotating direction of the MiniMag Mx2.

Completely Invisible:

The magnet-driven connector Invis Mx2 allows for completely invisible, detachable joints.

Unique Magnet Drive:

A rotating drive magnet outside the workpiece invisibly drives the screw in the centre of the connector.

Technical Information:

Size (mm): Ø 12 × 35 mm Ø 12 × 14 mm


Drill: Ø 12 mm


Material Of Connector: Zinc


Installation Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm


Clamping Force: 250 kg


Tensile Strength (N) Beech: 2000
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