Series 7979 (strips)

For wet sanding in hard-to-reach areas
7979 siasponge soft helps you make light work of jobs such as keying, fine sanding, scuffing and preparation for polishing. This highly flexible pad is very adaptable to contours, curves and profiles – and thus ensures a high-quality, even finish.

• May be used wet or dry
• Colour coded for easy identification
• Low clogging thanks to 3D properties imparted by foam, binder system and grit
• For hard-to-reach areas and round profiles
• Regular scratch depth due to consistent grinding performance
• No risk of sanding through thanks to pressure-equalising foam

• Keying of wood and plastics
• Keying of conventional old and new varnishes, primer filler and paints
• Fine sanding of primer filler in hard-to-reach areas
• Scuffing lacquers
• Flatting of primer filler
• Intermediate sanding of lacquers

Hole pattern min/max

thickness 3/16'' (5 mm)

Min Widths

3'' (75 mm)

Max Widths

4-1/2'' (115 mm)

Min Length

4'' (100 mm)

Max Length

5-1/2'' (140 mm)

Grit Type

Aluminium oxide


Foam (open structure)




Elastic binder

Special Coating


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