Lamello Classic X Cordless

The original biscuit joiner – Precise And Cordless.

  • The highly efficient, simple and accurate joining system for panels.
  • Quick joining with the ready-to-use cordless power tool without connecting it to a power outlet.
  • Multifunctional stop square, swivelling front stop with fixed pivot point and high-precision application surfaces.

Classic X is the original biscuit joiner from the inventor of the Lamello system for cutting the 4 mm groove. The proven and well-designed Classic X is fast and versatile in its use and the basis for the wide range of connectors with fixed, self-clamping and detachable solutions. Precision in every component leads to perfect accuracy of the workpieces, and the battery drive means even more flexible application. The multifunctional stop square allows perfect mitres by applying on the exterior surface and stabilises the machine in vertical position.

See In Action:

Product Information:

CAS Battery Pack:

Powerful 18V LiHD battery pack from the CAS battery system, in two sizes with 4.0 Ah or 5.5 Ah.

Multifunctional Stop Square:

In addition to vertical stability resulting from the larger contact area, the stop quare enables variable adjustment of the groove position, 0-50 mm.

Swivelling Front Stop With Fixed Pivot Point:

Join reliably with the cutter which is in the exact center between to two application surfaces.


A cutting principle for many different joining elements.

Technical Information:

Voltage (V): 18 V
Power (W): 740 W


Speed (U/min): 6’040 minˉ¹


Teeth: Z6 (3+3 Alternating Teeth)


Cutting Depth Max: 20 mm
Weight (kg): 3.1 kg Incl. Battery 4.0 Ah
3.5 kg Incl. Battery 5.5 Ah
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